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Our Process

Step 1: Begin thinking about your ideal space (kitchen, bath, laundry, bar, garage, etc).

Step 2: What is your objective? Do you want to create your dream space? High resale appeal? More functionality? Or something else?

Step 3: Find your inspiration. Whether that is on Pinterest, tv or the internet. Keep those pictures/notes somewhere so you can have them ready for your consultation.

Step 4: What is your ultimate goal with your new space? What is working and what isn't for you and your family?

Step 5: Timing. Look ahead at your calendar and determine if there is anything coming up in your schedule that might affect the timing of your project.

Step 6: Contact us. Fill our the form under the "Contact Us" tab, call us or shoot us an email to make an appointment to meet with a designer.

Step 7: During your appointment.

1. We will sit down and discuss your desires and needs. Just bring in your dimensions of your space and we can talk about designs and together achieve your dreams. 

2. Since there are thousands of options for any space in the home our designers will ease that stress and make it simple by staying in your style and your budget.

Step 8: You will receive a bid with your budget and perspectives for you to review.

Step 9: If you wish to proceed, cabinets typically take 4-9 weeks (the time varying by the brand). Countertops lead-time will vary based on the brand as well. This will be specified at the bottom of your bid.

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